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 Something about creatures [wip]

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PostSubject: Something about creatures [wip]   Sun May 10, 2015 9:22 pm

Creating a creature to encounter
Most creatures will not be created for you, and you must know how to throw one together to put into a thread if you ever plan to come across any. To make this as easy as possible, a lot of the fluff that would make the creature system difficult for the general member to learn has been left out.

When you add a creature, always take into consideration their habitat, frequency and difficulty. You can't cause a creature to appear in a place where they are usually never found. You also can't cause several creatures to appear if they are very rare and finally, will it kick your ass as soon as it spots you?

It is wise to consider the creature you are about to fight at a level near your own unless they are moving with several allies of which then its reasonable to lower their levels by a few. Most creatures have very flexible level boundaries but do check to see just how strong one can become.

How tough can a creature be?

Assume that a creatures physical and magical damage is based on it's level. A level 10 bear would deal T10 physical damage when it smacks you with a claw, and it also has T10 physical defence. Some creatures will alter this assumption however. A skeleton will have low Physical defence regardless of its level. Magical defence however is usually half the creatures level, but some may alter this with abilities. A skeletal mage for example will have Magical defence equal to its level to make up for it's terrible physical defence. A skeletal warrior on the other hand will be wearing armour, increasing their physical defence.

A low level player vs a high level creature?

Keep in mind that a lot of creatures in this game will be capable of killing you. For every level a creature is above you, your weapons and magic deal T1 less damage. If the creature is 6 levels higher, then your defences, evasion and abilities are ignored when they attack you. This is to stop players from tracking big creatures in hopes of killing them through sheer chance when they clearly aren't armed for it. Sadly, this rule doesn't apply the other way. Nothing changes if the creatures level is lower than yours.
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Something about creatures [wip]
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