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 Something about stats? [wip]

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PostSubject: Something about stats? [wip]   Sun May 10, 2015 9:33 pm

Character skills

Physical: ­ How hard and how fast you can swing larger weapons and how easy it is for you to
wear heavier armour. Affects how much you can carry.

Health: Determines your ability to fend off illnesses, plagues and poisons, as well as your general
physical health.

Magical ­ how potent you can make your magic. The more magical power you have, the bigger
and meaner your spells can be. This includes making heals stronger.

Finesse ­ how accurate you can be in attacking and moving. You know where to put your body
and exactly where you want that shot to land and can do it. Also affects how well you perform with
lighter weapons.

Movement­ How fast you can move and just how long for. Higher movement ability keeps you on
your toes, dodging and swinging at all times. Affects your general stamina.

Sense: Your ability to notice and react to sudden events. Controls the chance you will detect
something or someone.

The Grades

None: You literally have none of this skill. be careful. having None in health means you're dead.
Beginner: You're not all that great at this skill, but hey, you can still do it right? You start with 3 of these.
Novice: You've put the work in, have a lot of room to improve. You start with 2 of these.
Adept: You decided to get good at something and are better at it than your average joe. You may start with 1 of these.
Expert: You're getting pretty good at this. You're not the best, but some might consider you as such.
Master: So you're quite awesome at whatever it is you do and people know it. good job.
Grand Master: So like, nobody is this good. wtf?
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Something about stats? [wip]
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