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 Something about lore? [wip]

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PostSubject: Something about lore? [wip]   Sun May 10, 2015 9:45 pm


Royal Guard
Those under the king. Guards and royalists that govern the world, deciding on the laws and justice. The Royal guard patrol the capital city and are forbidden to leave the island they are stationed on.

The Militia
All militia for villages across the world are signed to work under the king whilst protecting their land. The guards around the world are made up of their own citizens but are not able to break their duty. Many characters will find themselves as either wandering Adventurers or part of the Militia.

The Heretics
Humans that stumbled upon ancient relics and tomes discovered tales of warriors that once walked the lands centuries ago. The texts linked the relics to these warriors, dubbing them as omniscient figures. Taking these tomes as the ultimate truth, these humans began to worship the warriors as gods. Their acts were very petty at first before transpiring into dangerous events that killed several innocents. Now branded as a menace to humanity, the Heretics hide and continue their practices in secret, hoping to one day revive their deities.
The heretics are known for small attacks and interference across the world

Magik Pylons

Every city and town that utilises technology will have a Magik Pylon in the form of a large coloured crystal somewhere within its walls. These Magik Pylons are connected through a series of pipes and wires to every ground piece of equipment in the city to power them. Think of it as magical electricity for gadgets, computers, machinery and utilities. If the Pylon is ever destroyed, the power across everything it was connected to shall rapidly diminish.

The Magik within a Pylon is not infinite and must be replenished. This is done by sending a small group of reliable people to A Magik hotspot and pumping the fluid into a temporary container. This is then taken immediately to the pylon as Magik cannot remain empowered outside of a Pylon or hotspot for more than 30 minutes.

There are also smaller versions of Magik Pylons known as Magik Cells. These are used to power machinery away from the main Pylons and can be refulled similarly to adding petrol/gas to a car. Such things include Powered tools, car batteries and fuel, guns and rifles and anything else you would power with a battery.
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Something about lore? [wip]
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