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 Something about Rune Magik? [wip]

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PostSubject: Something about Rune Magik? [wip]   Wed May 13, 2015 8:26 am

Rune Magik

Within the world of Second season, we take Magik in a different way, rather than using traditional casting rituals or even just using small word lines to bring forth different magic into the work, we have something called Runes. Now the rules aren’t the same as the runes that any people predict fortunes or even other stuff within the real world, but are a more fantasized and personalized version of them. There are many different types of runes as well, but lets go into more details on what they are.

What form do they take?
Runes mainly take in a form of a rather small gem, stones, or in very rare cases even metals. They would normal be within an rounded and polished oval state, but if they are crafted or personalized they can really take on any shape the creator so desires.

Why are there different materials for runes?
The reason for different materials is for their durability for different activities.
Gems or even small fragile stones will be used to be attacked to staves and other form of noncombat like items, you wouldn’t want to hit someone with your staff, especially since they are weak. The magik works much better within the fragile stones since most of these stones came from Magical “hot spots” within the world.
Polished Rocks, are mainly used for within hand, if a Magician or a witch doesn’t wish to use a staff or a wand, they could have the series of stones within their arsenal, using the different ones to use their magic. This gives them an advantage over the wand users, since wand users only have one stone attached to them and is normally capable of using one type of elemental magik. Stones will also be used to attached to other weapons and even necklaces and jewelry to enhance different users based on their symbol.
Metals cannot be naturally made like the rocks and gems, they have to be made through the process of letting these metals suck up the magik through exposure to the hotspots. Metals are rare, but they are extremely durable, and are used for heavy plated armor as well as magik bullets.
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Something about Rune Magik? [wip]
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