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 Something about Classes [wip]

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PostSubject: Something about Classes [wip]   Sun May 10, 2015 9:43 pm


You may choose to not allow your Physical skill to be lowered below Novice.

Choose a skill when gaining this trait. Whenever you are enraged and so long as you remain, that skill is increased by one tier. This cannot increase beyond Expert

Whilst dual wielding, you do not lose a tier in Finesse

Titan Force
Your Movement skill cannot be lowered by the natural weight of your equipped armour and weapon

You may reduce your movement skill to none to increase your Defence by two tiers for one post. For the rest of the thread, your movement skill will remain 1 tier lower than normal until you rest.


Light Foot Step
Whilst wearing Light or medium armour, your Movement Skill is increased by 1 tier.

Bright Hand Wave
You are capable of deflecting light projectiles with your palms, one for every tier in your Sense skill.

Slight God Press
Your movement skill cannot be reduced to None

First Strike
The first atttack or spell you use in a post hits as though it had a skill 1 tier higher.


Acute Mana
Any projectile magic you cast, will not be affacted by any reduction in your finesse

After using magic with lightning at its base, your body becomes electrocuted and increases your Movement skill by 1 tier for one post.

Magic you use to amplify a character's skills or abilities cannot be countered.

Necrotic Regeneration
Being hit by Necrotic magic instead heals you, rather than dealing damage.


Self service
Whenever you cast magic to heal someone else, you also partially heal yourself for 1/4th of the amount you heal your target.

Rush to aid
When moving towards a character you consider an ally that has suffered an injury, your movement skill is increased by 1 tier so long as you move towards them.


Dead Eye
Your first ranged weapon attack of a thread increases your Finesse by 1 tier for the rest of the post.


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Something about Classes [wip]
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