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 Something about gear [wip]

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PostSubject: Something about gear [wip]   Sun May 10, 2015 9:44 pm

As lightweight as armour can be without being physically nude. Clothing can look pretty much however you want in varying colours and styles. if your character is fond of weaving, they could potentially create more extravagant items of clothing to wear. Obviously very flammable, with no benefits or detriments to being worn.

Thicker than your usual cloth, leather armour is capable of taking a a bigger hit yet will not provide the most defence. lighter than the heavier armour, wearing leather is prefered by the more damage heavy, stealth loving characters. Semi flammable also, granting an additional tier in your defence skill (not agains poisons, curses or peircing attacks) but reducing your movement skill by 1 tier unless your physical skill is Adept or above.

For those that want to feel as though nothing can hold them back, Plate armour covers nearly every weak spot of your body. Retaining minimal flexibility, Plate armour excels at taking blows by granting you 2 additional tiers in your defence skill (not against poisons or curses) but requires a Physical skill of at least Adept to wear. Otherwise, your movement skill is reduced to Beginner.


Light Melee
Small weapons between simple pocket knives to short sickles, Light melee weapons are favoured by those that need a second alternative to their main hand weapon. Drop your sword? Pull out your knife. Occasionally thrown, light weapons suffer from no skill detriments but grant no benefits. Dual wielding Light melee weapons has no skill requirement.
e.g - Daggers, Knives, Sickle, Handaxe

One Handed Melee
Moderately sized weaponry that is just light enough to be held in a single hand without being too difficult to use. These weapons are often strapped to your side, considered main hand weapons and occasionally dual wielded so long as your Finesse skill is of Novice or higher.
e.g - Longsword, Rapier, Battleaxe

Two Handed Melee
Pretty hefty weapons that need both hands to be utilised effectively. A two handed weapon boasts the most formidable force yet reduces the wielders Finesse skill by 1 tier due to its sheer size unless the users Physical skill is Adept or better. Two handed melee weapons are near impossible to dual wield, though some masters of physical skill have shown the ability to do so.
e.g - Greataxe, Halberd, Scythe, Greatsword, Staves

Light Ranged
Small weapons that allow the user to attack their targets from a distance, dealing rapid damage in either large numbers or from repeated use. More commonly associated with small firearms, bows and even throwing weapons, Light ranged weapons do not require any skill to use, but depend on Finesse to be efficient and deadly.
e.g - Handgun, Handcrossbow, Shortbow.

Heavy Ranged
Much bulkier than your light ranged weapons, the Heavy Ranged arsenal include much more powerful methods of taking out your target at a lengthy distance. Once again, there is no skill requirement to use these, but finesse is even more dependant on making heavy ranged weapons effective.
e.g - Rifle, Crossbow, Longbow.

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Something about gear [wip]
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